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Delivered with style. Jehst dropped out of college and started his own label, Young and restless (YNR) to launch his debut album (1999) and is now an international artist. His rhymes are complex and his music production compliments it well .


City of industry

Braintax – The grip Produced by Jehst

Lyrics by Braintax and music by Jehst, Had to include this for obvious reasons… ‘I try to think about the positive things, one love, no queen, one god no king!’


Charlie Sloth

Posted: February 26, 2013 in life and spirituality, TV

The ‘Being Charlie Sloth’ show

This ain’t political music, but in my opinion the ‘Being Charlie Sloth Show’ is definitely a political statement and its hip hop! Why is it a political statement? Because he does everything himself, he’s a self made man, very inspirational. Big Up Charlie Sloth!

This is series 2 episode 1, be sure to check out the rest of the series and If you find the 1st series online please add a link in the comments.

Titanium – Hit em hard productions

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Political UK Hip Hop from Hull, East Yorkshire. As my girlfriend said ‘they say it how it is…

Home as a prison


Lazy Nation

Living nice for a day

Plan B –

Posted: February 23, 2013 in Music

His First album, with raw guitar based rap, was unreal! I’d never heard anything like it before. I couldn’t wait for his second album which shocked me! It was a far cry from his first, again different from anything I had heard before but much more commercial. But I suppose a mans got to make money!

However, what appeared to be selling out was just a move in this mans national ‘chess’ game. A game with the goal to change society His 2nd album was just part of a greater plan. A ploy to gain untypical, mass market, middle class fans, through commercial albums which he follows up with albums of his preferred style. This way he thinks he can get his message across to as many people as possible and make money/survive as an artist.

He is a true inspiration, even more so when you consider he was thrown out of mainstream education, proof that education doesn’t really work…

Sick 2 def

This was the first PlanB track I heard. Its angry and violent just like eastenders and other ‘normal’ things. I think its genius, but I suppose that’s Plan B; Who else uses music as strategically as him, anyone got any suggestions?

No more eatin’ – live acoustic @ Reading Festive

I originally posted a live acoustic version of sick to def, but it wasn’t the best and doesn’t do him justice, so I’ve changed it and added the track below too cos I wanted to show his acoustic stuff…

Mic Righteous – Honour and Pride

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This tunes deep…Its time to rise up! Skinny inspired me to write but I’m more similar to Mic, he writes the the sort of stuff I do. His lyrics are perfect for my taste…

Akala compares Hip-Hop to Shakespeare, challenging our perceptions and misconceptions – no matter which artist you rate…

Akala – Bullshit

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‘label-owner, and educator Kingslee Daley has made it his life’s work to challenge preconceptions and buck prevailing trends; and he isn’t the sort to allow himself to be fitted into any kind of mould. Breaking down the culture of cliché and stereotype that smothers the genre he loves is a major part of the mission he’s taken on, and gives impetus to this third album of pointed, perceptive hip hop music from the convention-defying emcee.’

This was one the first tunes I remember hearing on my UK Hip Hop trail…