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‘A modern pioneer in the conscious music movement. Co-founder and general, of the People’s Army; Logic has managed drive a disturbance through UK Hip-Hop and make real music proud. His energy is felt by all, even in his slowest and most relaxing songs as his lyrics tear your heart apart with facts on the reality of life.’

Call for revolution Featuring Elz Boogie & Renee Soul

‘This is our nation’

For my people


PlanB talks to ‘them’ about poverty and the riots. Its good to see artists and their ideas getting exposure like this.

Regardless of the reasons why, being homeless is shit! Especially in this cold weather. I dont have spare change, but I always give away fruit and chocolate if I’ve been to the market. Now I’ve decided to start giving homeless people cooked food. I’m going to record my actions on this page. Will do it randomly at first and then who knows maybe It will become a regular thing…


Thanks to hippykitty for the photo

The start

I was cleaning the kitchen this morning and rather than throw away last nights spinach mash I felt compelled to give it to a homeless person. So I added some onions, cooked up some bubble and squeak, topped with a fried egg and put it into a couple of old take away cartons. I then hit the streets to find two mouth’s to feed…

I walked around the city center for nearly an hour, but couldn’t find any (obviously) homeless people. Although I did see a few people who might of been, but I wasn’t feeling tactful enough to find out. I also bought some foil containers and plastic cutlery, form poundland, for the next time I try. I need to find a better time of day…

feed the homeless 1


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I love the way Klashnekoff spits politics, its not exactly in your face and obvious, rather its cleverly blended within his genius lyrics. Furthermore, its inspirational, calling us all to action!

Revolution (will not be televised on channel U)

Church Intro

Get It Too

‘you got to work hard and make, cos you can get it too, dont fuck about cos you can get it too’