Me and the system

I grew up on a council estate in an old mining community. 1984 killed the local economy, we lost the mines, the jobs and then the steel and the steel jobs. The very industries that built the community left and deprivation set in. I was part of a generation born at the beginning of the end, we became the generation that made ASBOs happen. A far cry from our loved up, united older brothers and sisters whose raves caused the criminal justice bill…

I went to University to escape my council estate, I wanted to be a business man, I wanted to be rich! But instead I learned that the world I was running too had created the world I was running from. The more I learned about business the more I hated it and its selfish, two-faced nature! I simultaneously learned about politics, the system and how divided society was in terms of class. Class was the worse thing; if we didn’t have class at least we would be born to equal opportunities… But university made it clear to me that we weren’t born equal.

Over the last 10 years, I have thought profusely about the struggle of the working classes. Yet, unlike many other thinkers of this topic, I did this while living with the other half – the middle classes! Giving me what I think is a rare perspective of the working class struggle.


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